Rental service for small trucks

Post at: 05:12 - 06/08/2018

You have a number of goods that need to be transported for consumption but you do not know where to rent a mini van while you have a small amount of cargo or need to transport goods into a narrow path area.

If you rent a large truck you can not bring the product to the customer’s hands if you encounter a narrow road, this makes customers evaluate your company unprofessional. So, to overcome this situation and have sympathy for your customers and partners you should choose to rent a small truck to be more flexible in the process of transporting goods.

Rental service for small trucks

Personally, renting a mini van can save you money when you do not have to rent a large car without taking full advantage of the car.

The benefits of hiring a small truck:

– Flexible in the process of moving through narrow roads.

– Cost savings

– Compact space to meet the needs of individuals and companies need to transfer small, lightweight.

– Moving office, moving house such as refrigerator, washing machine, table, chair …

If you are in need of a truck rental please contact us. TNC TRANSPORT AND TRANSPORTATION TRADING CO., LTD specializes in leasing trucks and other kinds of trucks to the province, forklifts, tractors, refrigerated vehicles …

With a team of professional staff dedicated to helping our customers, besides working transparently and professionally through contracts that have been agreed between the company and the individual to help customers feel more secure.

Rental service for small trucks

With a large scale, TNC Transport and Service Trading JSC is leasing all over the country so if you are in Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City, if you need, please contact us for the experience. But great service of our company.

If you are an old customer and have had time to bond with the company you will receive many price incentives. If you are the first person to use the service of your company will be reasonable advice and also receive many preferential policies based on the value of orders.

If you have any needs, please contact us directly for advice on the service, so you can easily choose the right product for the company. We hope to cooperate with you.