Crane rental

Renting crane 25 t, 30 t

       Vantaitnc specializes in the rental of heavy duty trucks of 25 tons and 30 tons to serve the projects in Hanoi and neighboring provinces.

       Vantaitnc has a team of staff, excellent professional staff, very experienced in managing and operating transportation, willing to consult free of charge for customers. When using our service, you only have to pay for the most cost saving service, but will receive the best quality service.

Along with that is the team of specialized cranes, skilled and technically qualified, with crane driving certificate, able to handle crane situations and especially always safe with great safety. for the goods in the lifting process. Our crane driver will surely satisfy your requirements.

Our crane service has made the customers really feel secure when their goods are raised to meet the technical requirements.

You need to hire specialized crane 25 tons, 30 tons please contact our company’s management room for advice and quotes.